Expressing Anger with Love

Does anger always have to be destructive? „Expressing Anger with Love?” is your compass in discovering the healthier side of this powerful emotion. You will understand how anger affects your relationships and how to transform it into a positive force. Through an analysis of the biological and cultural aspects of anger, numerous exercises, and inspiring stories, this book provides you with the tools to build deeper and healthier relationships. This is your guide to discovering anger as a bridge to understanding, rather than a wall of division.

Awakening the Heart

We live in times when authenticity and deep relationships with people are increasingly rare. „Awakening the Heart” is your map on a journey to a fuller life. You’ll learn how to be more present for yourself and others, and how to overcome obstacles that make it difficult to live in harmony with your true self. This book is full of practical techniques and tips that will help you understand and develop empathy and authenticity. It’s a tool for deep transformation, allowing you to begin your journey to a new „self”.